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  • Donate to support the music & messages.
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Donate to support the music & messages.

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The most powerful gifts that I've received, besides my children are sharing music, messages, and teaching. When COVID-19 hit the USA, I did 40 consecutive days of Facebook Live shows that both educated and entertained. I wish to continue to deliver these services & your contribution helps to continue programming like my episodes of "Songs & Stories Of The Black Wolf". Waewaenen!

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Online music lesson
  • Online music lesson
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One lesson on guitar, Native American Flute, songwriting, or just to talk about life and music, etc Will be scheduled at a mutually convenient time for both of us an take place on FaceTime or Skype. Contact me if you are going through hard times and we could try to work something out.

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Private Home School Lesson Online
  • Private Home School Lesson Online
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You can look at my Educational Offerings link on my website for descriptions on some of the things I offer which include motivation, Menominee Culture, breaking down stereotypes, motivation, careers, music, environment, etc. Contact me if you can't afford the fee and we could try to work out something.

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Online Private Concerts, Lessons, etc

With COVID-19 closing concert venues & schools globally I am offering live streaming on the internet for all of those who want an online private concert in their home,  a home school lesson, private music lessons, or a virtual visit in their classroom. 

I have been an award winning world touring artist and educator for over 30 years and you can find more information throughout my site or on the internet regarding my credentials & references in music, education, motivation, etc. 

I do not have all my offerings listed so please email me to discuss prices and scheduling of whatever is not listed below.

If you are economically disadvantage during this time of crises as many of us are including myself,  don't hesitate to contact me and we can try to work out a price for services that works for both of us.  Waewaenen (thank you)!



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