Both concerts & schools have closed around the world, and yet there is hope for music, messages & education.

Keeping our people healthy around the world is a major concern, especially in our current time of COVID-19.  This virus is affecting us all in many ways including health, income, and education.  

Along with the closings of schools, concert venues, & public gatherings came the closing of live music, messages, & educational content that we have shared together on stages and classrooms throughout the world. Many of us lost the income that supports our families.

Over our collective history, our ancestors remained resilient through the hard times and continued to have compassion, share, and create so the next generations would thrive. This is what we all must do again.

I will continue offering my music, messages, & classroom content for your home through the internet. So if you would like an online private concert, music lesson, or school visit from me in your home from your computer, please go here; /private-online-concerts-lessons-education                           

What you pay will help me to service your needs while bringing me income for paying for an internet connection and feeding my family.

We must all share, learn, and adapt together.

Sending love and good thoughts to you all and waewaenen for being you!