“Wade Fernandez is an incredibly talented performer, motivational speaker and instructor with the special ability to connect with and inspire others. He is also a gifted teacher who brings out the best in everyone.” Lynn Tarnoff, MA, Director, School of the Arts Rhinelander, UW-Madison

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PRICES:  info@wadefernandez.com

Wade Fernandez : Wiciwen Apis-Mahwaew (Walks With the Black Wolf) 

From the Menominee Nation 

Website: www.WadeFernandez.com

PRICES:  info@wadefernandez.com

About the Artist 
With Menominee roots extending well over 12,000 years to the land that is now called Wisconsin, Wade Fernandez /Wiciwen Apis-Mahwaew, has been sharing his music and Menominee culture on stages and classrooms worldwide for over 30 years. Wade is an enrolled member of the Menominee Nation and raised in the beautiful ancient forest land of the Menominee Reservation where he still resides with his five children. He is an international award winning musician/recording artist/songwriter/producer who performs with voice, guitar, Native American flute, and hand drum. As a certified teacher with a college degree in Music Education, motivational speaker, and presenter with extensive experience in classroom, on the stage, and parenting (proud father of 5), Wade combines a warm personality, a wealth of experience, and a sense of humor that keeps international audiences and schools inviting him back year after year (currently through virtual platforms like ZOOM during the COVID-19 pandemic). 

Educational Offerings Information 
What follows is just a sample of programs offered. Wade works with all age groups and levels from kindergarten to elders and beginners to advanced. Almost all offerings may be altered to fit any age group and many times these offerings are combined in some way to fit the students.  

Finding Your Voice Through The Native American Flute (Grade 5-adult, multi-day residency) 
The Native American Flute is a therapeutic instrument that helps one to deeply express their emotions and innate music. Students learn how to play and improvise on the Native American Flute. No previous musical experience is necessary for the beginning class. This is usually a 4 day residency that culminates at the end of the week with students performing a song in concert with Wade for the school and/or community which allows the students an opportunity to share and apply their newfound talents and build self-esteem. This residency can also be condensed as an in-service to help teachers think outside of the box and unleash their creative selves. Please note: the school, program, or individual students must purchase Native American flutes from Wade, so please inquire.

 Finding Your Voice Through The Native American Flute (Intermediate)

This class is not for beginners and focuses on improvisation, musical phrasing, and composition on the Native American Flute.

Guitar Master Class (Intermediate - Advanced)

This class can focus on guitar improvisation, tone, technique, groove, feel, versatility, songwriting, playing from the heart, and all things in-between.  It is tailored towards students needs. 

Menominee Culture, Storytelling, Social Dance (Grades K-5) 

This class can be any combination of storytelling, music, Menominee Language, Menominee history, learning and participating in a social dance, playing a Menominee game, etc. 

Menominee Culture, History, and Social Issues, A Multimedia Presentation (Grade 6-adult) 
This lecture that can include a multimedia presentation about Menominee culture, history, and social issues from the past to the present. Images of the Menominee people from the late 1800s to the present may be used to create discussion with the class.  

Music Workshop (Grades 6-adult) 
As an award winning professional touring and recording artist, Wade presents this workshop specifically for your music class. Topics may include: Native American music from the traditional to the contemporary, music business, how to deal with performance anxiety, music technology, guitar playing, songwriting, music as a career, etc.

Erasing Stereotypes Through Arts & Culture (Grades K-adult) 
This workshop breaks down stereotypes by teaching about Menominee and other Native American cultures, demonstrating how honoring and learning about yourself and others creates understanding and acceptance which leads to better relations with all. 

Lyric Writing/Songwriting (Grades 4-adult) 

Students learn how to write lyrics or a complete song and sing it with Wade for the school and/or community. 

Performance/Motivational Speaking/Presentation (school assembly, lecture hall) 
Wade is an award winning international touring contemporary American Indian performing artist and is available for concerts at your school. His school performances provide music, inspiration and awareness for youth. This enables them to recognize and honor their gift of life and talents by developing and sharing them with others on their pathway to a successful and healthy future. 


4-Day Residencies, Full Day Workshops, Assembly/Large Group Lectures & Motivational Speaking Private lessons available on occasion either private, FaceTime, or Skype.


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Educational Quotes

Wade Fernandez is phenomenal in a classroom.  From pre-K to graduate students, Wade always finds the perfect combination of performance, story-telling, and teaching that will resonate most deeply with his audience. His visits to our classrooms at Lawrence have helped our students see, and hear the world in whole new ways. I can’t recommend him highly enough. His most recent visit was over Zoom and it was just as powerful as his in-person visits.  

Brian G. Pertl 

Dean, Lawrence Conservatory of Music


“I am deeply grateful for the beautiful class and performance that you gave to my students and the Lawrence and Appleton communities last winter! You are always so centered, and you speak and play from a place deep within you that reaches all of us in a truly extraordinary way. In the class meeting following your visit, my students spoke rapturously about their time with you -- they spoke of the experience as being transformative and profound. They talked at length about all of the wise insights that they had learned from you, and I could tell that they were reflecting on how to bring those into their own lives.”            Karen Hoffmann, Associate Professor of English at Lawrence University 


"Tomorrow is our last virtual visit with Wade Fernandez. Students will be sharing their compositions they made with his guidance and inspiration. Some students have given me a preview and I can't be more proud of their growth and the self-confidence they developed in this experience. This musical collaboration was the healing balm, the medicine my soul needed this fall and I think it is the same for my students. Waewanen, Wade! The students and I are excited to share our creations, but sad that our time is coming to an end. Music ensemble teacher friends, explore CREATING this year. Find funds and have Wade Fernandez visit your classroom virtually too. It's a life altering experience."

Aimee Swanson – East Troy Middle & High School Choral & General Music Educator


“Wade did a fantastic job with our students Pre K through 8th grades. Not only did he teach about music and his life as a musician, he shared information about growing up on a reservation, values, goal setting, overcoming obstacles and more. He also shared his musical talents with us through teaching and playing for all grades. He was able to have age appropriate conversations with each class. One unexpected bonus for our program was that he is a Native man who plays a native instrument and is also a contemporary musician who could talk to the students about Native heritage. I know he positively impacted every person who got to interact with him. This program exceeded any expectations!”                                                                               Fort Atkinson Catholic School

“Wade Fernandez is an incredibly talented performer, motivational speaker and instructor with the special ability to connect with and inspire others.  He is also a gifted teacher who brings out the best in everyone.”                Lynn Tarnoff, MA, Director, School of the Arts Rhinelander, UW-Madison

"Just finished first master class for guitar with Wade Fernandez.  I learned new ideas that I am excited to put into use to become a better guitar guitarist.  100% inspired!" Adam Vance

“what beauty and respect you brought to all of us fortunate to have been in your presence. We were honored and blessed, and forever changed.”

Sharon A. Hansen, Music Director The Milwaukee Choral Artists

"Wade Fernandez engages students in Menominee culture, singing, dancing and storytelling through his exceptional musicianship and cultural knowledge. My students are captivated and enthralled during his presentations and he is able to manage them in such a way that they all stay incredibly focused. Students love singing songs in the Menominee language and listen to his every word. Students with special needs take to him as he can inspire them in ways others can not. I would highly recommend him for any school."

Mr. Craig Pynenberg, Hillcrest Primary School Music Teacher in Shawano, WI  2004-present


INQUIRE for prices info@wadefernandez.com