Our schools, stages, & community gathering places have closed their doors around the world, and yet with hope and resilience, we still share music, messages & education. 

COVID-19 affected us all in many ways including the health of ourselves or loved ones, the income that supported our families, and the educational system of our children. 

But over our collective history, our ancestors remained resilient through the hard times and continued to have compassion, share, educate and create so that the next generations would thrive. This is what we must do again. 

Our answers lie in our awareness of the opportunities and blessing that our around us. Many people are waking up to the beauty of the simple but beautiful things that have always been here. The beauty of spending more time with our families/loved ones, taking time to notice the Spring beauty that is poking it's head gently from Grandmother Earth, taking in the education that is in the wonder of life and questioning what is really important to life, breathing air that is cleaner with many factories temporarily closing down, and finding new ways to connect with our loved ones through the internet. 

I have been sharing music, messages, culture and education online daily at 2pm CST on Facebook Live. It has been going on now for well over one month. My show, Songs & Stories Of the Black Wolf (Wade Fernandez) began approximately 1 week after I became unemployed due to COVID-19 closing down every school & stage that I had booked. In my daily broadcasts I have done almost everything I have done before Covid-19 including offering educational and cultural lessons, motivational speaking, and of course a lot of music and concerts. I have even brought in guest artists online including; Pura Fe, Anakwad (Frank Montano), Mitch Walking Elk, Muqsahkwat (Menominee Language), & Annie Humphrey. I admit that I have been doing everything daily for free online except for receiving occasional tips in my virtual jar, which is different than when I actually made a somewhat steady income while traveling both locally and around the world and only doing things for free when someone couldn't afford to pay for my services. 

I have worked hard every single day and night in show preparation, learning the technology, setting up interviews, troubleshooting problems, and trying to have fresh new material to share on a daily basis. But the payoff has been in seeing people come together in a good way of sharing and caring online. Some of my audience were COVID victims around the world, some our music fans, some our homeschool parents looking for help in educating their children. Recently, after seeing some of my daily shows online, a few schools, venues, and individuals have contacted me about some online work where I can actually start to generate some income. It motivates me to know that there is always hope when we share whatever gifts that we have to offer the world. 

I will continue offering my music, messages, & classroom content for your home through the internet. If you would like an online private concert, music lesson, or school visit from me in your home from your computer, please go here; /private-online-concerts-lessons-education 

If you would like to drop by my daily broadcast, Songs & Stories Of The Black Wolf (Wade Fernandez) on Facebook at 2pm CST, it can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/wade.fernandez 

Feel free to leave a tip if you enjoy the content and can afford to tip. If you want a private conert or educational lessons for you or your children, we can discuss prices. What you pay will help me to offer continual services while keeping my lights on, internet on, and feeding my family of 6 (plus 3 dogs). 

We must all share, learn, and adapt together. 

Sending love and good thoughts to you all and waewaenen for sharing your beautiful self with the world! 

In a good way, 

Wade Fernandez / Wiciwen Apis-Mahwaew (Walks With The Black Wolf)

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