From the recording Breathe & Flow


Locked In Cages - Wade Fernandez

Every mornin’, every evenin’
I am waiting, for freedom’s call
I close my eyes, think of you
Your sweet voice, it’s callin’me home

But I can’t leave here,
Through bars of steel here
They’ve got their cold hard,
Death grip on me
Without these walls,
Closin’ in on me
I’d be flyin’, flyin’ home

Locked in cages, Locked in cages
It’s hard to breathe, When you can’t leave
Loose these cages, Cause we all need changes
And pray someday, We’ll all be free

Tell my mother, tell my children
An tell my wife, don’t you worry ‘bout me
‘Cause come the mornin’
or come the evenin’
Come my dyin’ day, an’ I’ll be free

Let’s forgive today and we’ll all be free